Digital Training Management System (DTMS)

The Digital Training Management System (DTMS) is an Army web-based tool that provides military training capabilities for commanders and Soldiers. It supports the Army’s emphasis on training readiness by facilitating a streamlined approach to planning, recording, and evaluating individual and collective tasks.

DTMS also allows managers to track a unit’s progress through force pools. Currently, the system is being modified to accommodate the changes resulting from Army Directive 2023-08. This June’s Q&A session will address the DTMS modifications needed to implement the new DA Form 1307 Jump Record tab, which mirrors the familiar DTMS DA Form 1307 with drop-down menus that simplify data entry for Airborne leaders.

Leaders can use the DTMS Application Assistance tool to report any issues with the system, including tools and tabs that aren’t working properly. The help desk records the issue and TMD personnel analyze and resolve them, either through a hotfix or the next ATMS software release. In addition, Beamon recommends that DTMS users review the DTMS Knowledge Base on ATN and take advantage of numerous tutorials.

How to Access to Army DTMS?

The Army’s digital training management system enables commanders to record and assess the training of their Soldiers. The tool supports the Army’s training management doctrine described in Field Manual 7-0 and the Chief of Staff’s focus on achieving readiness.

To get access to DTMS, soldiers must have a valid AKO account and be approved by their unit’s master trainer. Depending on their role, they may also need to be enrolled in the appropriate classes or have their APFT results on file. Those who have any questions about how to use the system can contact their unit’s master trainer or the ATMS help desk.

The help desk team has resolved nearly 11,000 issues this year. Almost half of those tickets pertain to the DTMS user accounts, according to the contract lead. This includes problems with the user ID, finding the correct username, and entering information like APFT results or height and weight. Ticket categories such as weapons management, unit training rosters, and entering army combat fitness test (ACFT) data also frequently arise. These issues are analyzed by TMD and resolved through hot fixes or in the next ATMS software release.

How Does DTMS Work

How Does DTMS Work?

A Company commander can use DTMS to record training and formally evaluate the unit’s performance as part of a Net Unit Status Report (NetUSR). DTMS also allows echelons below a company to input informal task evaluations that can be used for badge testing.

DTMS can also replace a traditional METL crosswalk with a digital version that allows a company to quickly formulate a plan that synchronizes with Army doctrine and enables unit leaders to track individual and group training, physical training, weapons qualifications, and mandatory training. The system also replaces the paper unit training roster with a digital version that provides visibility to all leaders in the organization.

The Training Management Directorate (TMD) hosts a quarterly DTMS Operator Course, which is open to all Soldiers and leaders who want to learn more about using the system. The TMD staff also provides ongoing support via the DTMS Help Desk, which is available through live telephone, chat and email support from 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. CDT Monday through Friday and through a DTMS Q&A session on MS Teams. The TMD team analyzes all recorded issues and works to resolve them through a hot fix or in the next software release.