NCOER Submit

Using the Army Evaluation Entry System (AEES) is a great way to send evaluation reports to your superiors without ever leaving your post. This system allows for digital signatures and is especially helpful for units that are deployed. You will need to send evaluation reports via EES, if available, or by regular mail if you’re not deployed to a contingency theater of operations.

The Army EES is a system that allows both rating officials and soldiers to submit evaluation reports. This system replaces the Interactive Web Response System (IWRS) and allows key personnel to establish rating procedures and recognize rating officials, based on an authorized organization structure. Aside from letting soldiers submit evaluations, the system also provides the rating officials with the information they need to make decisions about their soldiers’ careers.

Where can I see my orders Army?

If you are an Army member, you can view your orders by clicking on the service record icon on the left side of the web page. This icon is located under the navigation menu and under the word “Documents.” Select the icon, and the document will be opened. The menu bar will also be visible on the far left side of the screen.

The rating authorities are not prevented from selecting the “most qualified” rating, but they must be notified at least three times before selecting that option. They must also keep in mind that profiling regulations require them to rank only a quarter of their evaluations as “most qualified.”

How to Access iPERMS

To access iPERMS for ARMY EESS, you must be logged in as a Soldier. Go to iPERMS, click on the Soldier tab, and select Records. In the Review tab, click on the Open Review button. Select the documents that need to be uploaded to the record. iPERMS can web upload TIFF and PDF files. If your device does not support web uploading, you can use approved software to convert the images to a format that can be uploaded.

When uploading documents to iPERMS, be sure to include your DOD ID number. This is important to ensure proper filing. Documents containing multiple Social Security Numbers or DODIDs will not be accepted. Third-party PII must be blacked-out or annotated on the document’s top right corner. Documents that contain third-party PII will be deleted from iPERMS.

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