The Army NCOER Site

The Army NCOER form is one of the most important documents in your military career. Not only does it record your achievements, but it also helps determine your chances for promotion, training opportunities, and assignment options. Without it, your career in the Army may end in a different place than you imagined. The Army NCOER site is actually the U.S. Army Human Resources Command’s official website.

The Army EES provides new versions of the DA Form 2166-9, the Noncommissioned Officer Evaluation Report. The new DA Forms will be activated in the web-based Evaluation Entry System (EES). The effective date for the new form is Jan. 1, 2018. Soldiers who have received a mandatory report will continue to receive it. The Army has created training modules and an EES test site for Soldiers and raters to practice and learn about the new form.

The Army EES Support

The Army EES support website is an online resource that allows soldiers to track the progress of their careers. There are many ways to access this website. Those with a computer can create a new NCOER or edit an existing one. The site also includes a list of active NCOERs and their status. It is not as easy as it sounds, but it is extremely important for new recruits and enlisted members who wish to advance their careers. The site also includes a wealth of general information that Soldiers should be aware of.

The Army EES support site will also help Soldiers access their evaluation information. This system is part of the ERS system, which is designed to determine the best-suited Soldiers and officers for specific positions. It is an online data entry system that will work on both a PC and a MAC. Users can also use EES from home, provided they have AKO certificates installed. While personnel can access the above website, they will need to complete the training process for the NCOER site.

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