How do I Check My Promotion Points Army?

It’s easy to forget to check your promotion points, but it’s very important to know your current status. There are a few ways you can find out how many points you need to promote. You can either wait until you reach the minimum point requirement or work hard to accumulate more. The army will drop your points if you don’t make the minimum requirement.

You can check your promotion points by going online and looking up the Enlisted Record Brief or S1 (Unofficial Military Personnel File). It contains the information needed to calculate your promotion points. You can also print it out. The Enlisted Record Brief is available through the Human Resources Command’s iPERMS website.

Promotion points are awarded for certain duties and accomplishments. For example, a person who completes a degree program in five years can earn up to 78 points. Each 5-hour class correlates to 1 promotion point. Generally, you must submit your points to your S1 by the eighth day of the month before your promotion ceremony.

Evaluation Entry System

The Army’s evaluation system relies heavily on subjective judgments, which can lead to cherry-picking of the best performance and downplaying of the worst performance. One of the most important parts of the OER, the senior rater box check, was intended to prevent evaluator inflation. However, some raters have found ways around this. The Army has since added forced box checks for first-line supervisors and senior raters.

In order to use the Evaluation Entry System to check promotion points, soldiers who are on the Promotion Standing List must go through the process of integration with the ERB. To do this, they must check the box left of the submit button and enter their AKO username and password. Then, click submit.

The Army is working on the transition to the new promotion system, which is supposed to make it easier for soldiers to move up. The new system will allow the Army to promote soldiers based on merit rather than on seniority. The OML, which is currently based on age, will no longer be used to generate promotion lists. Army personnel officials hope the new system will be in place by 2021. The army Human Resources Command will announce the names of soldiers who are eligible for promotion on the 15th of every month. The promotion will take effect on the first day of the following month.

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