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The Army EES portal is operated by the United States Army Human Resources Command and is used to assess potential soldiers and determine their career path. Both enlisted members and non-commissioned officers use this system to input their Army evaluations, as well as their Officer Evaluation Reports. In addition to determining the potential of a soldier, the EES portal also serves as a resource for new recruits, enlisted members, and officers.

The US Army’s Evaluation Entry System, or EES, is a web-based system that enables members to handle a variety of subjects online. Its most popular use is for logging the results of Army Physical Fitness Tests on Academic Evaluation Reports, but it is also used for a number of other tasks. It allows members to enter the dates and results of various evaluations.

How to Access to EES

The first step in logging in to EES is to open a web browser. Select the EES icon in the 9th row or first column of the browser. If you don’t see it, then you might have to change your browser. You can also clear your browser’s cache and cookies. These can store your password across many websites.

The Army EES is a web-based data entry system that allows Leaders to create evaluations for soldiers and other members of the Army. It can be used on a PC or MAC, and personnel can access the system from home. If AKO certificates are installed on the computer, personnel can log in and use the Officer Evaluation Reports functions. However, before new personnel can use the system, they must complete training at the second website. This training website will be active until a month before the NCOER implementation date.

The Army EES portal can be a bit confusing and looks dated, but it is a vital portal for new recruits and enlisted members looking to advance their careers. It also serves as a good resource for common Soldier knowledge. While it is not perfect, the Army’s EES portal offers some helpful tips.

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