Army Leaves and Passes

The Army leaves and passes regulations have changed. Soldiers are required to pay for their entire time away starting on the day they return to work. However, Soldiers can extend their leave if their circumstances are exceptional. In the past, this has only happened a few times. In this case, the Soldier must provide unusual circumstances that may warrant an extension.

The Army Leaves and Passes Regulation (AR 600-8-10) outlines the policies and procedures regarding leave and passes. It also includes guidance for special leave. However, a Soldier should be aware of the risks associated with accumulating a leave balance. For instance, if he or she is forced to take time off work to attend a wedding or another special occasion, he or she could lose his leave balance.

Depending on the situation, a Soldier may choose to sell or cash in their leave. Another option is to use the leave as transition leave. Or, he or she may combine both options. In either case, the Soldier must consult the regulations carefully. For instance, a Soldier who has a large leave balance may lose it if he or she waits until the end of the FY before taking his or her leave.

The request for leave must be approved by the soldier’s first line supervisor. It should also be signed by the platoon sergeant. Moreover, the request must be accompanied by an exhaustive pre-departure safety briefing by the platoon sergeant.

Leave and Pass Policy

The Army Leaves and Pass Policy outlines how soldiers can request, apply for, and use leave. The purpose of the policy is to ensure uniformity with other branches of the armed forces, while also ensuring Soldiers’ safety within their unit. The policy covers all Soldiers assigned to and attached to a unit. Soldiers who wish to take leave must get the Troop Commander’s approval. The Army recognizes that soldiers work hard for their leave, and it is up to leaders to implement a fair and consistent leave policy for all Soldiers in their unit.

In addition to leaving the unit on leave, soldiers can use passes for various purposes. A typical leave pass is three days, but can be extended to four. In most cases, these passes are granted over the weekend. Soldiers are also allowed to take three days off duty, which can be used to celebrate a special achievement or an outstanding performance. However, if a soldier wishes to use their leave passes for a longer period of time, he or she will have to request approval from his or her unit commander.

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