AKOffline and the AKO Alternatives

The Army Knowledge Online (AKO) portal has a long history of providing a variety of tools and technologies to users. The platform has grown to include file storage, document collaboration, directory services, instant messaging, and training. This parameter specifies the namespace/s that AKO does not want to sync into Avi Controller. The value specified here gets populated in the ConfigMap and can be edited at runtime.

Army Links

The Army Links website provides a directory of resources and information for Soldiers, veterans, and DoD Army civilians. It features a search function that allows users to find specific information quickly. It also contains news and images related to the military. It also offers links to other websites that provide information about the Army. The site also provides information about the SGLI program, which is available to all service members who meet eligibility requirements.

The Army 365 portal uses Microsoft 365 capabilities to provide a variety of collaboration tools for the Army. It includes email, instant messaging, video and voice teleconferencing, and access to shared drives. It also offers a secure document management system. The site also includes the Idea Box, a platform for sharing ideas and solutions.



AKOffline is an Army software program that allows users to access AKO features and tools when they are not connected to the Internet. This capability is particularly valuable for soldiers in remote or austere environments, such as during deployments or field operations. It can also help reduce the risk of data loss during a disconnect.

All enlisted personnel in the Army currently have an AKO account and can access it using their CAC card and PIN. The system is designed to provide access to DoD information and resources, including email, but it can also host discussion forums and blogs that encourage professional development. However, these forums have been criticized for promoting partisan political activities. Those who violate the rules may lose access to AKO.

AKO’s offline functionality is important because it allows soldiers to synchronize their emails in disconnected environments. They can also download training materials and other necessary resources without internet connectivity. In addition, the application lets them maintain their calendars and contacts even when they are offline.

This feature is available for all enlisted personnel in the Army, including Active Duty, Reserve, National Guard soldiers, and Army civilian workers. It is also possible to use this application on personal devices. Previously, the AKO website only provided email capabilities, but now it offers collaboration and file storage.

You must have a Common Access Card (CAC) or a PIV to access AKO. You must have the correct password to access your account and be connected to a DOD network. You can contact the AKO help desk for assistance if you don’t have a CAC.

AKO also offers a number of features that help soldiers stay on task, even in the absence of reliable Internet connectivity. Its ability to synchronize data between the offline and online platforms boosts productivity and reduces the risk of data loss. It also makes it easy to access email and documents without relying on unreliable Internet connections.



Akolinks is a web portal that is used by active duty and retired military personnel. It is an essential tool for Army soldiers as it provides them with access to important information, including personnel and benefit data. The portal is also the only source of information about the Army and other DoD agencies and organizations. In addition, AKO is the world’s largest intranet, with more than a billion logins every year.

The AKO system is moving to next-generation enterprise services, but all business processes are still running on the AKO platform until March 31. Army employees can use their AKO credentials to logon to DoD and VA websites until then, but the service will not be available after that date. The site will be replaced with the DOD Self-Service Logon, known as DSLogon.

This flag is required for AKO to sync both Layer 4 and layer 7 Ingress Controllers. If this flag is not set, then AKO will only sync layer 7. AKO uses the hostsubnet CRD and the blockaffinity CRD to determine the POD CIDR to node IP mappings.

This flag controls how often AKO runs consistency checks on the Avi Controller. Typically, these checks are used to reconcile the models and restore consistent states. The frequency of these checks can be changed by editing this value in the ConfigMap while AKO is running.