DPS Army

DPS Army is a military abbreviation for “Department of Defense Personal Property.” It is the name of the system that allows service members and their families to create shipment applications. This includes household goods shipments, retirement, Non-Temp storage, and more. The DPS site also provides helpful how-to guides to assist users with the application process. The DPS system also provides a number of tools to help optimize the database and improve its performance for military personnel and their families. These include tools that allow for the throttling of traffic from automated computer scripts and the ability to blacklist IP addresses that are being used by overly aggressive third-party scripts. This has helped the DPS system to perform more reliably and at a speed comparable to private sector sites. When filing a claim, ensure all your pictures and details are ready. This will help you get your claim processed quickly and efficiently. Another tip is to add your pictures into a Word document or Powerpoint, with descriptions underneath each picture. This will prevent them from not uploading correctly or sticking to each other.

DPS Army Login

If you’re a member of the DPS Army, it is important to know how to log into your account. This will allow you to schedule your move, track shipments, and file claims. This will also help you stay connected to other military family members. To login to your DPS account:

  • Visit the DPS website and click on the “Login” button
  • Once you’ve clicked on it, you will be prompted to enter your User ID and Password
  • You must use a password containing one uppercase letter, two lowercase letters, and two numbers. It is also important to save your password in a safe place
  • Click “Accept” to acknowledge the DOD Security Banner, then enter your User ID. This should be your user ID in your activation email (reference slide 7).
  • Your password should then pop up.
DPS Army claims

DPS Army Claims

When a move doesn’t go as planned, service members are able to file claims for lost or damaged items. These claims can include expenses incurred due to the loss or damage and are highly encouraged to be filed in these instances. You can file two types of claims: a quick claim (up to $500) or a regular DPS claim. Both must be submitted within a 75-day timeframe. Before filing a claim, take detailed photographs of the items you’re claiming. This includes heirlooms, electronics, and other valuables. It’s also a good idea to try and get “before” pictures of these items, which can help in the case of disputes.

The Texas Military Department (TMD) and DPS have deployed thousands of manpower and hundreds of pieces of equipment to support the mission at the border. TMD’s Operation Lone Star (OLS) focuses on strengthening Texas by deploying the necessary resources to keep our state secure. The operation has made more than 7,700 criminal arrests, including 1,300 migrant apprehensions and referrals. It has also seized more than 71,000 pounds of drugs and other contraband.

Defense Personal Property Program History

Throughout the years, the Department of Defense has worked tirelessly to improve the quality of household goods moves for military members and their families. In 1958, when a gallon of gas was 24 cents, and a postage stamp cost four, the first attempt to standardize the move process was launched. The resulting TOPS (Turnover Operational Personal Property System) enabled a structured, common counseling experience between Personal Property Shipping Office, or PPSO, counselors, and DOD members, allowing for the electronic sharing of move information. TOPS was fully operational at PPSOs in March 1995 and continued to be the standard for booking, shipping, and storing household goods up until the launch of Families First (later DP3) in November 2008.

The reengineered program was built around full replacement value coverage for damaged or lost items; direct claims settlement between the service member/employee and transportation service providers; a web-based entitlements counseling option; and improved communication between customers, carrier representatives, and military personal property offices. It also included an enhanced survey that rewards quality service through best-value determinations instead of warnings.

How Do I Log into DPS from home

How Do I Log into DPS from home?

The Defense Personal Property System (DPS) is a logistics system that moves the household goods of military service members and their families. It was designed to meet the high standards of the Defense Department’s mission and provide users with an experience comparable to private sector sites. However, the DPS system is prone to system crashes, which cause delays in shipping household goods. These delays can cause stress for service members and their families during PCS and reintegration to civilian life.

You must have a valid username and password to log into DPS from home. You can obtain this information through your student’s school. You can also find this information through the DPS Student Enrollment Center if you’re new to the military. DPS is committed to working with the Texas Military Department (TMD) and other partners to secure the border as part of Operation Lone Star (OLS). The agency has mobilized hundreds of personnel and thousands of pieces of equipment to support efforts along the state’s southern border. DPS will continue to deploy resources as needed to protect the state.

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