How Long Does It Take to Get DD-214?

DD-214 requests can take up to three to four weeks to process. To avoid delays, you must make sure to submit your request as soon as possible. You can download an application form and complete it online, but if you don’t have a printer, you’ll need to print it and mail it to the appropriate location.

You’ll need a DD-214 to receive many benefits after you leave the military. These benefits include the GI Bill and VA home loan products. When applying for a VA home loan, you will have to show your DD-214 as proof of service.

The DD-214 is free to obtain, but you must provide proof of age and identity. A government-issued photo ID is required to obtain a copy of a veteran’s DD-214. You will also need to provide some information about the veteran. At a minimum, you’ll need to provide their full name and the year they were separated.

How many NCOERS are there?

The EES of the Army evaluates the performance of noncommissioned officers in a number of different areas. These evaluations are done using DA Form 2166-8, also known as an NCOER. These evaluations are based on an individual’s potential as an officer, as well as on the individual corps values.

An NCO can receive two excellence ratings and three success ratings. This rating is considered a strong recommendation for promotion if the NCO shows a good performance record and shows potential. However, a ‘1’ rating means that the NCO is not fully capable. A ‘2’ rating means that the NCO is ‘fully capable’ and should be promoted if there is a promotion opportunity.

Each NCO’s NCOER is a published rating chain with a rater, a senior rater, and a reviewer. The rater’s report shows the grades of each NCO. Once the rating official renders the report, it will be posted in the iPERMS and available to the rated NCO. It will also be accessible to rating officials, DA Centralized Selection Boards, and HRCs.

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