NCOER Application

The Army EES NCOER application can be found on the EES website. This application is a web-based system that is designed to provide powerful management tools and evaluation status information. The application also includes links to training materials and HRC’s Appeals & Corrections section.

The Army EES application serves as a resume of a person’s military experience and skills. It is an online form that can be used on a PC or MAC. It is also available on a home computer as long as it has an AKO certificate installed. The above website is for personnel to access the EES application. It will also provide access to the Officer Evaluation Report functions. The second website is used for training for the NCOER application. The training website will remain active until about one month before NCOER implementation.

Apply for NCOER

The NCOER application is filled out in two parts. Part I is for the senior rater to rate the NCO. This is a crucial part of the application. The senior rater’s evaluation may be based on infrequent observations, so it’s important to focus on the rated NCO’s potential for command or promotion. The comments should also focus on the successive assignments the NCO has received.

Access Army EES

To access your EES evaluation, navigate to the EES landing page. On this page, click the Continue/View Active NCOERs radio button. This will bring you to a page that shows the most recent evaluations. On this page, you will also find a list of pending evaluations. You can click on any of these to view its status.

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