Army PPW Login

The Army PPW login website offers the ability for soldiers to view and update their promotional point history. It contains a number of helpful tools, including an army promotion point worksheet. It can also be used to access promotion orders. However, not all soldiers have access to the site. In such cases, it is best to disable antivirus and web protection in order to access the site.

How do I access my Army PPW?

Once you log in to the Army e-Services Center (AKO) to access your Army PPW, you will see a number of different forms you can access. One of the most common forms is the Unofficial PPW Record, which details any times you have been ineligible for promotion or previously qualified for it. You can access this form by selecting the “New Unofficial PPW” button. While the Unofficial PPW Record is not a part of the official promotion point history, it will be helpful to know what happened to you during this time.

Your Army PPW is an important document. If you’re looking to make promotion decisions, this is the document you need to have at hand. You can access it online by signing in with your CAC or AKO account.

How many promotion points is an AAM?

How many promotion points does an AAM have? These are points you can get by taking courses in the Army. These credits can lead to a promotion or a higher rank. These points are worth one promotion point for every credit hour you complete. This is the easiest way to earn points – if you have an Associate Degree, that is. But if you have never taken a class, you can also test for these points. Most tests will give you three college credits and three promotion points.

During the promotion process, you’ll need to submit your DA Form 1059 to prove your academic achievement. This can include commandant’s list status, being named to Distinguished Honor Graduate, and being awarded a Distinguished Leadership Graduate. Promotion points are worth between 20 and 50 percent of the amount of time you spent in school.

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