DD Form 108 – Application for Retired Pay Benefits

DD Form 108, Application for Retired Pay Benefits, is used by members and former members of the Reserve Components to review eligibility to receive retired pay. It is typically accompanied by DD Form 2656, Data for Payment of Retired Personnel.

This form is primarily used by former members of the military who are seeking retired pay benefits. It is just one of the many forms required for a Retired Pay Checklist and should be submitted alongside the rest of the documentation before an individual can receive their retired pay benefits. There are deadlines that must be met when submitting this form. For example, it must be completed nine months before an individual turns sixty and submitted no later than ninety days before this date. Failure to meet these deadlines may result in a person being unable to receive their benefits.

In addition to DD Form 108, additional forms are also required when making changes to a retiree’s benefit options, such as changing beneficiaries or determining an early age drop. These additional forms include DD Form 2656-6 for beneficiary changes and DD Form 2656-1 to make a deemed election in the RC-SBP coverage. All of these forms must be filed before an individual’s retirement date in order to ensure that their benefits are able to begin on time. In addition, the information provided on these forms must be accurate in order to ensure that an individual is able to receive their benefits in the correct timeframe.

DD Form 108 for RC-SBP Application

DD Form 108 for RC-SBP Application

Those who are approaching their with-pay eligibility date will be sent these forms by HQMC (MMSR-5) about 5 months prior to their with-pay eligibility date. Marines should ensure they have current contact information in e-Marine and that the form is signed and forwarded to HQMC before their date of eligibility.

Those who are applying for RC-SBP must also submit a DD Form 2656-6 to make beneficiary changes and a DFAS DD Form 2656-1 to deem an election of the Survivor Benefit Plan coverage for a former spouse. Those who are changing from active duty to the Retired Reserve must also submit an NOE from HRC and a DD Form 1883, 2656-5, or 2656-6.

How to Fill out DD Form 108?

When completing DD Form 108, it is important to make sure that all of the information is accurate and up to date. This includes the service serial number, social security number, and address information. It is also important to accurately record all of the retirement points that have been earned throughout an individual’s career.

The completed DD Form 108 must be sent to the Human Resources Command (HRC) & DFAS for processing. It must be accompanied by the following:

Gray Area members approaching their with-pay eligibility date will be mailed a DD Form 108 and a DD Form 2656 (Data for Payment of Retired Personnel) from HQMC (MMSR-5), approximately 5 months prior to their date of eligibility. The MMSR-5 office will automatically submit these documents to DFAS for processing once they are received. Members should ensure that their contact information is up to date in Marine Online before submitting these forms. SF 1199A and banking information for direct deposit must be included.