How Do I Find My Military ID Number?

The military ID card has a unique identification number that you can use to access various services and places. It is issued to active duty service members, National Guard members, civilian employees of the Defense Department, and some contractors. You must have this card to access certain installations, buildings, and secured computer networks. Regardless of your service branch, it is an important part of your identity and should be kept safe and readily accessible.

The military ID card contains information about the service member, such as his or her name, rank, and date of birth. The DoD phased out social security numbers on the cards in 2009 and now uses the DoD ID number as the primary identifier. It is also important for veterans to have proof of their service, as it may qualify them for veteran’s benefits or other discounts. The military ID card also serves as a personal record.

You can obtain a military ID by visiting an ID card office, or by applying online. There are offices located on military bases, at National Guard armories, and at reserve training locations. Service members must be registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) to receive a military ID. Likewise, dependents must complete a DD Form 1172-2 with their sponsor and must visit a RAPIDS site with the proper documentation, including two forms of acceptable ID.

How do I check my promotion points army?

You can check your promotion points by going online and looking up the Enlisted Record Brief or S1 (Unofficial Military Personnel File). It contains the information needed to calculate your promotion points. You can also print it out. The Enlisted Record Brief is available through the Human Resources Command’s iPERMS website.

Promotion points are awarded for certain duties and accomplishments. For example, a person who completes a degree program in five years can earn up to 78 points. Each 5-hour class correlates to 1 promotion point. Generally, you must submit your points to your S1 by the eighth day of the month before your promotion ceremony.

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