Military OneSource is a Department of Defense program that offers resources and different forms of support to active duty, National Guard, and Reserve service members and their families. The program is available worldwide and free to use. It provides non-medical counseling and support on a range of issues, including deployments, reunions, finances, spouse employment, and family health. MilitaryOneSource is a free Department of Defense program that connects service members and their families to information, resources, and support. It is a call center and website that provides confidential information on every aspect of life in the military, including spouse education and career opportunities, financial counseling, and relocation resources. It also offers specialty consultations on family issues (relationship challenges, parent-child communication problems), stress management, and deployment-related concerns.

The program is available 24/7 and is accessible online, by phone, or live chat. Depending on the nature of the problem, callers can receive up to six sessions with professional civilian counselors at no cost to them. Those who need more intensive, face-to-face therapy may be referred to the nearest medical treatment facility. While the majority of MFLC and Military OneSource participants reported less difficulty coping with day-to-day demands after attending counseling, many still felt the need for additional help. The Department of Defense should continue offering these programs and increasing awareness of them in the broader military community.

Eligibility for Military OneSource benefits was recently extended from six months to one year following separation or retirement as part of the John S. McCain National Defense Authorization Act for 2019. This allows veterans to receive the help they need while navigating transition to civilian life. Military OneSource is a great resource for military families, as it can help with a variety of issues, including child and spouse development, homelessness, entrepreneurship, financial security, and elder care.

MilitaryOneSource Login

MilitaryOneSource Login

The Military OneSource system consists of a call center and website that provides a variety of services to service members and their families. It provides assistance with a wide range of issues, from financial to mental health. It also offers a 24/7 hotline for confidential help. Its services are free of charge and available around the world. The service is offered to active duty service members, National Guard and Reserve members, and Coast Guard members when activated for the Navy, DOD expeditionary civilians, spouses and children of these people, and survivors.

  • To access Military OneSource, you must first create a username and password. You must update your password every 60 days, so make sure you do it. To do this, click on “Forgot your password?” on the login page and follow the instructions. Military OneSource uses cookies to protect your privacy, which are pieces of information that a website transfers to your computer for record-keeping purposes. This information is used to deliver features and improve your experience on the website.

Once you have an account, you can use the website to find the resources that best meet your needs. The resources include free training sources, articles, and a library of resources that cover various topics, including military life, relocation, and family support. These articles can be helpful to you during times of stress and change.

MilitaryOneSource Benefits

MilitaryOneSource Benefits

Whether you are looking for resources to help your family cope with deployment, a way to save on your taxes, or just some fun stuff to do, Military OneSource is an excellent resource for service members and their families. The program is available around the clock, seven days a week, at no cost to active duty, Reserve, and National Guard members and their families. It provides information ranging from everyday concerns to deployment-related issues and can refer callers for face-to-face counseling.

Unlike other programs run directly by the military, Military OneSource is managed by a private company under contract to the Defense Department. This arrangement is not uncommon for government-funded programs. For example, the Defense Department contracted with Ceridian for its MyHealtheVisit program, which was eventually taken over by ValueOptions.

The Military OneSource website includes a variety of online tools and resources, including support services, community-based resources, and educational opportunities. It also has a directory of military installations and the programs that they offer. This information is valuable for families as they prepare to relocate and make the transition to a new home.

Military OneSource also has an extensive education section that helps service members and their families navigate the often complicated process of pursuing higher education. It provides a range of tools to find the right university for your needs, resources to balance costs and logistics, and information on federal tuition assistance programs.

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